Property Setup Services

Dalmatian Property Management offers

Property Setup Services

Our setup services are designed to provide comprehensive support to property owners in setting up their properties for rental or personal use.

Dalmatian Property Management offers the following range of Property Setup Services:

  • Furnishings advisory, purchase, delivery and installation
  • Decoration and renovation work
  • Consulting on legal and building permission issues
  • Arranging of property insurances
  • Application of names to utility accounts
  • Introductory meetings with accountants
  • Liaison with co-owners over block maintenance

We can improve your property

We are a property management agency specializing in comprehensive services. From furnishings advisory to decoration and renovation work, we are experienced to enhance your property. 

Our expertise extends to legal and building permissions, property insurance arrangements, utility account management, introductory meetings with accountants, and effective communication with co-owners for maintenance. 

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